Why do I always get the wrong ones?

What exactly are you looking for?
There are two ways to get it.

One way (and this might appear easy) is to say ‘no’ to everything that doesn't look like it (and wait) until you find the exact one. The contract, the partner, the apartment, the staff, the company, the friend, the mentor/mentee, the pet, and on… and on…
There’s nothing wrong with waiting till perfect comes, it just might take some time and there are no guarantees.

The other way is to find what’s close enough and do the hard work of making it into what we want. Tweak, decorate, teach, shape, and mentor…

What if it doesn't work?
Well, it’s a practice. We learn how to tweak better, teach better, do better, choose better.
In the long term, we’d still get more done.

Perfect might come but we grossly increase the odds when we start with what’s “close enough”



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen


I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius