Who’s got talent?

If you don’t play well with lights, there’s a problem because there are so many lights, that’s why it’s a show.

If you play too much with lights, there might be a problem too, because your play might not be the type they like. It’s a show.

If the judges don’t like you, we definitely have a problem. It’s the reason why a lot of talent shows started blind auditions… they figured, the judges might not like your appearance or what your face looks like, or you might remind a judge of some awful experience and that’s a disadvantage to your talent.

If you get a panic attack or catch a cold, it might affect your performance, and now, you’re not talented? We’re on to the next talent, see you next year. It’s a show.

It is first a show, and what do shows do? They entertain an audience and they make money for the organizers, you simply play a role in the process.

Here’s something, although they might, they are not always an accurate predictor of talent.

Here’s another, there are too many variables that don’t play a role in determining who has a talent or not, so, winning talent shows is a skill that can be learnt because if you study the deciding variables enough, you might be able to manipulate or align with them. The point — talent is not enough.

So, I’m watching an episode of The Voice Nigeria and I see a lot talents that didn’t get picked for many reasons that don’t judge their talent. By the way I love the show.

The notion is that talent shows are not always the best show of talents.

Now, let’s replace the word talent with skill because when we do, we can learn.

We can learn that dexterity is progressive with practice

We can learn that if the goal is to win the show then we have to understand how the variables involved in the show works in addition to owning a ‘talent’.

We can learn how to make the judges smile, the right songs to sing, the right clothes to wear, the right time to move and put up an act and all that stuff.

Then, we can see a trial as practice.

Then, we can see the results of a performance as feedback not a loss.

Then, we can play with the show because that’s what it is. A show.



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius