What are you afraid of?


I’m not generalizing and of course, there are exceptions but when it comes to it, what are we really afraid of? What’s stopping us from trying and doing the things we really wish, want, or desire to do?

What people think. That’s what we fear.

What are they going to say? How would it come across?

It’s a THING with perfectionism too because it’s not always striving for excellence, right? It’s often about how we want people to see us — The Perfect Guy. It’s a defense mechanism!

You think to yourself, if you look perfect, do perfect, and accomplish perfect you can avoid or minimize, shame and judgment and blame — Brene Brown

We’re self-protecting from what we are really afraid of and knowing it is a start to getting rid of it.

Aristotle says if you don’t want to be criticized, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

We care about all the factors (or people or opinions) that don't matter or contribute to how we achieve the goal.

Maybe it’s failure but really, what is it?

What are you afraid of?



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