We could use some help

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Global warming is a thing. A big thing, it threatens wellness and livelihood and the existence of what we know to be the earth.

Culture is changing fast. Views are multiplying. There are multiple ideals in different areas of society. And there are good and bad sides to this.

Technology is moving fast and that’s good news but part of it is coming at a cost. Or costs. Obvious cases we see and edge cases we don’t yet anticipate. The tyranny of convenience is probably going a notch higher.

Hunger is a thing in many parts of the world.

Malaria is still killing people in droves. Cancer is still a thing.

Let’s not talk about wars…

If reading this makes you feel concerned, I wrote it for you.

It’s not a doomsday post, it’s a call to action.

Ideas still rule the world — the ones that are worked on.

If you can help, if you can see, if you care, get started!!!

Muster the courage. Find people like you.

We could use YOUR help.



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius