To live?

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

To live you have to give.

Give your gift (for good).

Give your time, to things you care about,

Give yourself time!

To live you have to understand

That anything is possible to you,

That your confidence in yourself is your most prized asset,

That you can see the world your way (but keep an open mind),

That you have a say in how your life turns out,

That it’s okay for things to not work out as planned,

That failure is a part of your journey. Success too!

That the humility to learn will always save you (and you need saving),

That it’s okay to be unpopular.

To live you have to have

Have the courage to pursue and stay,

Have the freedom to say “no”.

Have the capacity to forgive and heal.

To live you have to learn

Learn to become who you envision,

Learn to get help from others. And give same!

Learn to share and contribute.

Learn to connect with people. Disconnect too!

Learn to breathe.

And ultimately, learn YOU.

To live you have to build

Build what matters to you (not according to how the world defines anything),

Build something to look forward to,

Build your capacity to be a genius at what you love to do,

Build your ability to learn and love and laugh and recover and see perspectives.

Everything is built, good and bad.

The life you want is built too, and you can lay the blocks.



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius