The Runway

On your mark… Set… Dance!

The plane takes off and makes its landing on the runway. It has to run, to fly

If the other guys in suits and nice dresses run, it’ll seem strange. They strut instead. They even dance, sometimes. That’s how we appreciate the million-dollar outfit and how they look in it.

What runways have in common is motion and to create an effect, you have to move.

In the industrial economy, moving was owning a factory or working in one. How fast can you make it? Do you have enough machines? How much monopoly can you create? How many people can you hire? How automatic can it get?

You’d thrive in the information economy if you had a college degree and you were smart.

Today, there’s no scarcity of information and ideas, and we are presented with a different kind of runway. It’s built on connecting, sharing, and contributing.

Ideas that scale are the ones that are shared.

Experience is worth more than transactions.

A community is worth more than a database.

Decentralization is becoming a thing and it is built on sharing.

The relevant questions are changing from ‘what do we need?’ and ‘who can we hire?’ to ‘what can we do, together? and ‘who’s coming with us?

The runway changes without our permission and it serves its purpose when we move but first, we have to figure it out (with an open mind).



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius