Switch from Google to Ecosia

I switched from google to Ecosia and I’ve planted 93 trees in the last couple of days. It’s a search engine, just like google and it works!

Ecosia is a non-profit B corp that makes a big impact by planting trees when you make searches, so far Ecosia has planted 140 million trees using the profit generated from searches.

45 searches plant a tree. It's fast, easy, a lot more private than Google and most importantly, it’s carbon-negative! If Ecosia were as big as google, it could absorb 15% of all global CO2 emissions. That’s enough to offset all vehicle emissions, worldwide!

The Carbon Almanac has teamed up with Ecosia to make your online activity more powerful.

First, add Ecosia to your browser, then, change your default search engine to Ecosia in settings.

Get started by clicking here

According to Seth Godin, here are 7 reasons to give this free alternative a try

1. Plant trees by doing nothing special.

2. Do something that matters, right now and every day.

3. Protect endangered animal habitats and give lemurs somewhere to live.

4. Support an ethical internet and walk away from big tech.

5. You can see how many trees you’ve planted.

6. Finally, you can do something today, right now, that you feel good about.

Need more reasons to switch? Check out the Ecosia blog.



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