Sell better

We judge by perception from our senses because we are humans.

The input — processing — output system works for humans too. Maybe a little more complicated but it works.

If you want someone to make a decision on your content or ad, then follow this principle.

Invest in the input. The input is where you have absolute control, people will judge you or your product based on what they see and what you say. You have to be smart about it.

Start by understanding your audience and how they receive the kind of communication you seek to make. The mistake you might be making is pouring yourself out in your messaging and expecting everyone to suck it in because you so passionately did it.

When it comes to messaging it’s not about what you’d like to say, it is about what they would prefer to hear, it is about what might work so don’t be in the way!

Got the audience part? Then, you decide how you want to be perceived and let it reflect in your pitch and tone. How funny, intellectual, witty, caring, or friendly do you want to sound?

Next is, keep it attractive, simple, unambiguous and as brief as possible. Make your point and leave the extras. An average human being has an attention span of around 8 seconds, you don’t want it to take too long before they get the message, or they won’t get it!

“We have designed a new cupcake offer just for you at 50% off. Get our cakes delivered to your home or office within 6 hours”


“Get our cupcakes at half the price delivered within 6 hours”

You choose

Chances are you picked the second and with great visuals, it sinks fast. By the way, I’m writing about visual appeal tomorrow.



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