Protect Your Confidence

Confidence is like a fabric, something we wear…and we wear it all the time.

This fabric is made up of a couple of things — optimism, a sense of control over your life, the ability to handle criticism, the ability to communicate, knowing your strengths (and weaknesses), and a few other elements, some of which are a little technical so I’ll spare you but here’s the point…

This fabric — confidence is delicate and it can go from being pierced to being pieced multiple times, to being completely torn.

You have to protect it because you need it to show up and make a mark…your mark.

You need it to raise your hand and lend your voice to causes you care about.

You need it to move from one point to the other.

To leaders — Feedback and criticism are a gift we give to others to make them better. When we communicate this in a way that affects the way people see themselves. We mess with their confidence.

Amongst other things like background and past experiences (which we’ll talk about if I make this a series), here’s how you know your confidence is under attack — when the words and actions of a person make you question the way you see yourself.

You have to trust yourself and believe that you can do a thing or at least believe that you’ll figure it out. There has to be a level of confidence for you to try, or make an attempt.

You don’t have to be all bold-faced, you just need to trust yourself enough to trigger an action. That’s how you can get a thing from one point to another.

Whoever messes with your confidence asks for too much and there’s a red card in your left pocket.



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius