Humanity is a Community

Similar ideas, background, race, location, career, goals, and other objects are not the only things that bring us together, except we choose to close our minds.

On the grand scale of things, humanity itself is a community. Amongst other things, we share a habitation — the earth and that’s enough if we let it.

And if we see things that way, perhaps, we can treat people (everyone) better.

We can care about the earth and stop messing it up with carbon and slurping life out of it.

We can find better ways to settle our differences, not war.

We can do better work, knowing the people we are serving are happier.

We can show up for others, not because we are family, not because we met on Clubhouse, not because we share a street or religion or we are Black or White or Asian.

But because we are all a part of the collective — humanity and that in itself, is a community, and every life matters.



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