How to be your own therapist

Here you go

  1. Practice breathing. Stay still and focus on your breath. In for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and out for four seconds. Do it for four minutes (or longer if you can)
  2. Practice gratitude. Write down 5 things you are grateful for, every day. It’ll set the most amazing tone for your day.
  3. Practice journaling. Write about your day. Your thoughts, feelings, problems, joys, events, dreams. Journaling can be cathartic…and fun. It connects you with yourself (and you should learn about YOU). It also disconnects you from events and things that don’t define you.
  4. Practice “no”. Put your mental health (and overall health) first. Be comfortable saying “no” to anyone and anything that may tamper with your mental health.
  5. Practice running. Runaway from bad energy. Precisely people that look or talk down on you, people that mess with your confidence, and people that engage in unhealthy practices…they just don’t help you. Run towards people that help you grow, people that constructively criticize you, people that engage in healthy practices… essentially good energy. And you can feel the energy when you are around them, either one.
  6. Practice exercise. Hit the gym or get a workout routine (at home).
  7. Practice pursuit. Go after your dreams, it’s a healthy practice.
  8. Practice healthy-eating. The pleasure that comes from unhealthy food is not worth the price you (your health) pays for it.
  9. Practice connecting with nature. Hang around the beach, the woods, the farm, the sun, the rain. Journal or pick up a book to read at dawn, outside… see the stars.
  10. Practice kindness!

Therapy is a great thing and you should absolutely get help if you need it but these practices should keep you healthy and grounded.

I hope they help. Cheers!




i see the world differently, I interpret it creatively

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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

i see the world differently, I interpret it creatively

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