How To Be A Consistent Writer

I write every day. I enjoy it.

And… today is not my favorite day to write.

My schedule is crazy, coupled with a few environmental factors but I’ll do it anyway.

So, I thought I’d share an essential tip on how I stay consistent — Duty

Showing up with a post every day is a duty and a responsibility.

Then, it can be fun. Then, it can be by inspiration, but first, it’s duty.

And this requires practice but first, you have to make the mental shift.

For me,

It’s a duty to show up with my quota of knowledge that helps.

It’s a duty to help someone become better.

It’s a duty to chronicle life as I see it.

It’s a duty to bring out what’s in me and hope it inspires someone to do the same.

It’s a duty to show up at the same time and place to dance.

It’s a duty to make my magic.

Here’s more on duty and staying consistent at anything. Plus a related post that helps.



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