How I write every day

More than a few times, I wake up not knowing what to write.
What I’m certain of is that I want to help someone know better and make better decisions and I want to tell stories about complex stuff in simple, useful ways.

On the days I don't know what to write or don't feel like writing, I take it as a situation.

Now I have to do some research.
Now this is going to take a bit longer.
Now I have to read other articles.
Now I have to write (rubbish) until I hit the note (a post I'm proud of).
Now I have to search my archive for something I promised to do a sequel on.
Now I’m going to shut off everything until I'm done writing.
Now I'm going to think harder.
Now I'm going to check my mood board for inspiration.
Now I’m going to think about what people are having issues with and what I'm great at.
Now I’m going to risk being wrong and tell my readers that “hey, I might be wrong here”
Now I’m going to…
Now I’m going to…

I never say or consider that I won’t write today.
I’ve published a post on top of the 24th hour. I’ve even crossed time zones. What’s not on the table is not writing.

Now it took a while to get there...
What I’ve realized is that it’s one thing to put systems in place — a structured table of what you’ll be doing daily (in Notion or Evernote or whatever you use) or setting reminders or downloading productivity templates and making promises to yourself, and you should do all that.

The other part is you need to walk your way and find the resolve to make it a duty to show up because that’s what it has to be.

You can say it’s raining so you can’t go out.
Or you can It’s raining and now you need an umbrella to go out.

What’s the difference?



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen


I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius