Go Local

How far has that piece of fruit traveled to get onto your plate? These days with cold-storage technology, fruit and vegetables can be transported across the world for sale and consumption. For someone living in Perth, Australia, navel oranges from California travel nearly 5,000 miles.

Purchasing locally sourced items has a direct impact on carbon emissions. Doing so results in a reduction of container shipments which means less miles traveled via plane, train, or truck resulting in less carbon emissions. It also boosts the local economy, an added benefit for all.

Here’s a simple, easy way to make a difference: If there are no locally sourced items at the market or restaurant, speak to the manager and express interest in supporting local farmers and business owners.

Another option is to leave a note for the owner/manager. “Love this place, and the service is great. We would be much more likely to come back if you supported local farms.”

Challenge yourself, your friends, and family to buy food grown within 100 miles of where they live.

The Daily Difference is a free email that will connect you to the Carbon Almanac Network. Every day, you will get an opportunity to join thousands of people worldwide in taking action and making a significant positive impact. It’s not too late.

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Olabanji Stephen

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