Brand Functions

It’s important, your reputation.

How you come off goes a long way to determining how people interact with you or your organization. That’s branding — the crafting of impressions.

In your overall branding effort (design and strategy), it’s good to keep the primary functions of a brand in mind — what your brand should do.

Brand functions

1. Navigation

Brands help customers cut through the noise.

It helps them make choices faster by appearing to be the right fit. Not simply better but right.

2. Reassurance

Brands communicate the inherent value of the product or service and reassure customers that they made the right choice even when or after the client has used the product/service. This has a lot to do with making a promise and keeping it.

3. Engagement

Brands use distinctive imagery, language, and associations to encourage customers to identify with the brand. — David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance.

A brand helps achieve a functional communication loop between company/product and customer.

So, here’s the thing…

If your brand is not helping customers to navigate, check the promise, the design, and the messaging.

If your brand is not reassuring customers, check the product or service. Ensure that it does what you say it’ll do.

If your brand is not engaging, check the language, imagery, associations, and communication channels. Do things with intent.

All three are functions of a healthy brand and it pays to check them regularly.

And thanks to Alina Wheeler for rightly pointing these out.



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