Are there smarter ways?

Gov. Wike of PH is building flyovers across the state and that’s commendable.

Each one costs billions of Naira and he’s built (roughly) 8 of them across the state. We are probably talking tens to hundreds of billions (of Naira).

On one hand, it’s justifiable, on the other hand, we may ask — is there a better use for that money? Of course, there is!

Fixing power in rivers state, making the state self-reliant, owning its own power, making it sustainable (eco-friendly) and 10-x-ing productivity across the state, which will make more money for the state, typically because people can do more and move less. Power enables.

Fix education in rivers state, which can be done with a fraction of the money. Human capital is one of Nigeria’s most valuable resources. When we invest in the quality of education given and the learning environment. The result is more discoveries, innovation… We would produce chaps that have the capacity to build the roads and maybe not have to hire JB. That way the money paid to contractors stays here, not in Germany. The economy benefits from that.

When decisions are made at macro levels, they don’t work for everybody. They can’t. The goal is to make them work for the greater number. That’s what happens with the government. There will mostly be a minority at a disadvantage or just not favored.

That’s why in a democracy, minorities have representatives. Their job is to ensure that the decisions made work for their people/group/community.

When these decisions obviously do not work for the greater number, we know that something is wrong… and it's okay to say it.

Overhead bridges are a great idea! The question is — is that the best use of the resource we have now?

This question helps me make my decisions too. Especially when my emotions cloak me (which is almost always).

It’s a great question to ask when you are at crossroads.



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Olabanji Stephen

Olabanji Stephen

I see the world differently and attempt to interpret it in ways that inspire genius