The calendar hack.

My friend posted a screenshot of a calendar reminder on WhatsApp the other day…. and we chatted a bit about how the native calendar app might actually be underrated

I’ve stayed consistent with reviewing my goals, scheduling personal retreats, and many activities that are important to my growth by logging them into my calendar.

I program reminders and get them ahead. It helps me prepare my mind and align my daily schedule.

This tip can be the game changer if you struggle to stay consistent or on time with the important activities that lead to your goals.

You can even keep them recurring.
Simple stuff. Try it.



These are the defaults for most of us when we think of climate change.

But what if?

What if there was a way to tackle this monster together, to join hands, to move forward?

What if, instead of focusing on the helplessness, we all start doing the little bit that we can, that we feel that we should?

It doesn’t need to be hard, we don’t need to argue with the naysayers, we can do our part, and we can stand our ground.

The Carbon Almanac is starting its cities initiative and you are the leader who can bring together the people in your city that can make the difference.

Share this with a friend who can join you in your action.

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And those that provide it

Alas! We are not doing our best

Negligence, poor infrastructure, unaffordability, and inaccessibility continue to drive the healthcare sector in Nigeria and most African countries.

The government has a role to provide infrastructure
Apex healthcare bodies have a responsibility to provide structure
While doctors and nurses have a responsibility to provide care

They can all be better, but maybe start with care.

Today, Yemi, an extremely bright, kind, and intelligent young man lost his life at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital due to neglect.
It was an asthma attack. He didn’t need much. They just didn't care much.

Alas! That oath might not actually mean much.

When we can do better, why don’t we?

Rest in Peace, Yemi.



And building it

Of course, it’s not a logo or your nicely written bio. It's the impression that people have of you. And same applies to a company or product but this post is about YOU.

Your brand is what comes to mind when your name is mentioned.
Great at something, intelligent, annoying, interesting, funny, etc.
Even babies have a brand. The sleepy one. The crying one. The playful one.

As you begin to get intentional about the things that you attract and even pursue, one of the key questions you need to ask is, “what is my brand?”

I’ll be sharing a few keys on how to do this alongside some brand-building strategies over the next couple of days.

Helpful stuff. Stay tuned.



Photo by Expect Best

The work you’ve been doing

The people you’re meeting and spending time with

The “yes” and “no” you say

The values you consistently uphold

The nice things you say to people (or not-so-nice things)

The books you’re reading now

Everything you’re learning (or not learning)

The money you’re saving

The food you’re eating

Our outcomes are everything we put in.
Even climate change did not just happen to us

Drip by drip, they add up

And it might be a great idea to simply ask — “what outcomes do I want? and what’s adding up NOW?”



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